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pumpkin sugar scrub


Almond pumpkin sugar scrub, made from freshly roasted pumpkin puree. This batch tastes so good that you almost want to eat it!

I am up rather late this evening, which seems to be a pattern as of late.  I have been rigorously studying the California Pinot Noirs and Cabernet Sauvignons on our wine list, so that I can rise to the occasion tomorrow, when I begin my position as sommelier at my new job.  I am scrunching my eyes, as I write this post, for I am finally getting a little closer to sleepy.  It has been difficult to find or make time to write, since the new job and the recent home renovations have taken priority.  All of my day-to-day actions have almost seemed “dreamlike” to me because of the fast pace that I am treading.  I am so ready to slow down…

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from sprout to spoon

Co-Founder and Farm Outreach and Operations Manager, Meg Caley, giving me a tour of Sprout City Farms.  She, along with Jordan Gorrell, the Assistant Farm Manager, tend to this farm throughout the year.

It is amazing how quickly ideas or thoughts become reality, when you solidify a decision and choose to take those first steps in the direction of a goal.  In its infancy, an idea may seem completely unattainable, just as a tiny seed betrays its ability, in its small size, to grow into a giant tree.  I was recently able to see an example of this process in action, and to contribute to the celebratory fundraising dinner of a local farm, Sprout City Farms, located at the Denver Green School.  Their “Sprout to Spoon” dinner, held Sunday, September 30th, highlighted their two-year growth from a dusty, unused field into a thriving farm that provides fresh vegetables to the school cafeteria, hosts a CSA program and farmers’ market stand to the community, boasts a summer internship program, allows like-minded individuals to volunteer at the farm, and creates education programs for both youth and adults in the community.

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sprout to spoon dinner at sprout city farms

Sprout to Spoon Dinner, a set on Flickr.

Here are some photos from the recent “Sprout to Spoon” dinner, held at the Denver Green School, benefiting Sprout City Farms, Denver’s first nonprofit farm built on unused school property. This one-acre farm provides food for the school cafeteria, hands-on learning and volunteering opportunities, community supported agriculture for 75 families, and offers a weekly farmers market for the community. I was happy to be a part of the dinner, by providing farm-to-table mocktails for some of the courses.