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a new home for the houseplants

Well, hello, after a little break!  I hope you are enjoying the new year and are delving into lots of fun projects and holding true to your resolutions, if you made them.  I finally gave up my streak of baking pies, cookies, and cakes every other day, and I temporarily traded in my apron for my running shoes.  I am feeling a lot more invigorated because of the switch!  Until I find some balance, I am locking up the baking chocolate and the sugar.

Over the past few months, our home remodeling process is really showing us what we tend to hoard or obsess over in this house.  As we purge, reorganize, and rediscover “lost” items, while sifting through the boxes and piles, we are finding surplus amounts of the most random things.  Like six bags of brown sugar, each one hardened and collecting dust on a bookshelf in the basement.  How did that happen?!  I also came across five bottles of expired sunscreen, six pie plates, and four bags of cream of tartar.  I am finding that the more unorganized we are, the more the waste and clutter piles up.  It is time to shake things up around here.

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how to preserve peaches in the freezer

The end of summer in Colorado is signaled by the arrival of peaches from the western slope.  These peaches from Pallisade, Colorado are among the sweetest around, in my opinion, only to be rivaled with those from Georgia.  This year, Pallisade peaches ripened about two weeks earlier than last year, due to our heat wave we have experienced this summer.  I don’t mind the earlier delivery date; I will take these sweet stone fruits any time of year!

Fresh peaches from Pallisade, Colorado, sliced, served with Greek yogurt, drizzled with honey, and tossed with toasted pecans.

I make sure that I am not only able to enjoy these peaches at their peak ripeness now, but I am also able to enjoy them during the winter months by simply canning them, making jam or preserves, and freezing them.  I had attempted freezing peaches, and I must have improperly frozen them because I experienced freezer burn.  With a little research, I decided to give freezing peaches another try.  I obtain so much useful information from pickyourown.org.  This site offers advice on preservation techniques, as well as recipes to utilize your preserved bounty.

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