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sidecar cocktails: variation on a theme 02 | the act of balance

I’m pinching myself because I actually have a Friday off from work {woohoooo!}, despite the fact that it’s the busiest month of the year at the restaurant. We’ve been completely booked out for weeks, overflowing with holiday parties every night, shifts that don’t end until past midnight, and so many bottles of wine to open. My hands ache from checking in wine orders, stocking the cellar, and repetitively popping corks. Even my cheeks hurt from smiling and talking with festive regulars, donned in their holiday best, ready to chat.

This is all so much fun, but I just want to cut loose!

We’re all together on this desire for much-needed release, especially over the upcoming crazy weeks. Am I right? So many Fridays, in general, are spent on the act of releasing, of letting go, of soaking it all up, whatever “it” may be. We catch up on life over the weekend and take time to reconnect and, perhaps, overindulge, only to be wrought with a case of the Mondays, when we head back to work in a couple of days.

sidecar cocktails: variation on a theme 02 | holly & flora sidecar cocktails: variation on a theme 02 | holly & flora

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