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zucchini cake | what a difference a day makes

So, I am going to be late for work already, but I wanted to post this, before I left.  If you grow zucchinis or other squashes, you know that if you neglect your plant for a day or two, you can be greeted with baseball bat-sized zucchinis!  These may look great, but their flavor and delicacy is noticeably different than their smaller-sized specimens.  What to do with them?  For you know, if you are busy, these green giants will surface in your garden.

Within about ten minutes, I have peeled two giant zucchinis, run them through the food processor, set some aside for some zucchini muffins, frozen some shredded zucchini for another day, and added some vegetable matter to the compost!

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zucchini cake | why there’s no such thing as too much zucchini

Ellis Community Garden, here in Denver, CO

It has been a beautiful, bountiful, and rewarding summer so far.  As we are nearing the fall season, the vegetables, herbs, and fruit are in full production.  I have had a lot of fun learning more about preserving and extending the flavors and shelf-lives of the food that I grow.  As you can see from the photo above, things are really growing well, despite all of the mid-summer heat.  One of our community garden members, Bill, has organized a weekly pick-up by a local charity, Produce for Pantries, which belongs to Grow Local Colorado (GLC).  GLC is a group of volunteers dedicated to promoting local food, local community, and local economy.  So far, our garden, along with many others around town, have donated well over 1,000 pounds of produce to shelters and food pantries.  How exciting and rewarding!

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